Rainwater Diverters and Filters

Rainwater diverters are easy to install and safe to maintain. Water metering and warmer climates have made every day watering more difficult and costly. Rainwater collecting is made simple with the Gutter Mate Filter and Diverter. Gutter Mate provides a means of rain water collection which is simple and easy to maintain. GutterMate is the ultimate simple rain water collector solution - see our product range below:


White Rainwater Diverter
free mesh insert

Rainwater Diverter & Filter

The only rain water diverter and rainsaver that filters all rainwater before it enters the water butt,  the drain or soakaway. The rainwater diverter then automatically shuts off the flow to the water butt when full.

Fitting a Fine Mesh Insert into the filter basket provides a far higher degree of filtration (800 micron), enabling you to use rainwater in your pressure washer, washing the car or carrying out other water-based activities.

For fitting instructions see our GutterMate Installation on You Tube.

Unit Price£27.41

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universal diverter

Directional Diverter

With unique on/off control lever - available in Black, White or Brown (Grey is not available at present)


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water filter

Pump Discharge Inline Filter

Simple effective inline filter to be used as the final filtration before using rainwater in various applications such as toilets, washing machines, pressure washers, topping up ponds and swimming pools.


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large vortex filters

Large Vortex Rainwater Collection Filters for Barns & Warehouses

Vortex Free-Standing External Filter for Farm Barns, Sheds, Out Houses, Commercial buildings, Warehouses and any buildings with large roof areas, with downpipesfrom 100mm diameter upwards.


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