Bulk Orders of Gutter Mate Rain Water Harvesting Systems


Gutter Mate can provide large orders of our complete product range to resellers, distributors and commercial businesses. To learn more about becoming a Gutter Mate distributor click here or contact us directly. 

If you would like to order over 100 units of any of our rainwater collection and harvesting products, we would be delighted to offer you a special, large quantity discounted price per unit. This will apply to our range of:



Please note that, for larger orders, some different options may be available which are not shown on our website. For example, our Gutter Mate rainwater diverter is available in brown, as well as our traditional black and white, for large orders. Please contact us to discuss what you would like to order. We can let you have the full range of options and provide details of the large quantity discounted price you can enjoy.

Many of our customers operate within the construction, property and public sectors. We work together to offer the best solution for them regarding products and price.  With an emphasis on sustainable water efficiency within section G of the Code for Sustainable Homes, our award winning rainwater diverter and filter offers an easy way of meeting new build requirements.

If you are thinking of bulk purchasing for the purpose of reselling, we are actively looking to work with selected partners and Gutter Mate resellers.  As well as preferred pricing, you will also receive product information and training together with marketing support from our friendly experts at Gutter Mate.

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