Who are Gutter Mate?

We are an award winning water recycling specialist company, who specialise in Rainwater Harvesting & Water Irrigation Products. Read more.

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the collection, storage and distribution of recycled rainwater, for use in various residential or commercial environments. Rainwater harvesting can refer to a simple water butt rainwater collection system, however the term is more commonly used to refer to larger rainwater harvesting systems. Here are some keys things to consider before choosing the correct rainwater harvesting system or package:

  1. What do you want to do with you recycled rainwater? For example, garden watering and/or irrigation, filling ponds, agricultural use, toilet flushing, car washing, running a washing machine etc.
  2. Calculate what storage capacity is required. How much water do you need to recycle for the purpose?
  3. Is it possible to recycle the amount of rainwater that you need? Find out how to calculate this.
  4. What type of storage is suitable, for example a water butt, barrel or tank. Click here for help choosing the correct storage.
  5. Where will the rainwater storage be located?
  6. If you need to install water tanks, decide whether you want to install an above ground or below ground water tank? Click here for help choosing the correct tank.
  7. Do you intend to use pumps and what kind of pump do you need? For example, submersible or self-priming, subject to location of tanks and local conditions. Do you need an automatic or manual system? Click here for help choosing the correct pump.
  8. How will you filter the rainwater? For the first phase of filtration The Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter should be installed to the downpipe, but will your rainwater need a higher degree of filtration?
  9. If you are recycling water for domestic use and appliances you will need to consider purchasing a mains back-up system and possibly further filtration and a UV system.

Useful Resources

Read more about the different types of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

4 Simple Steps to Rainwater Harvesting

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I would like to start recycling rainwater, where do I start?

We have tried to simplify the rainwater recycling process so that people with all levels of understanding can begin to decide on the right rainwater harvesting package for them. Please refer to the following help guides for further assistance:

Link to all relating blogs/help guides.

Which type of rainwater harvesting package or system is correct for my house?

We sell rainwater harvesting packages that are suitable for small, medium and large domestic properties. We also sell larger commercial rainwater harvesting systems. Please browse our different packages available and if you’d like any further advice feel free to contact us. (add link)

I’ve purchased a waterbutt, what is the best way to collect rainwater?
People often purchase a water butt, barrel or tank for their garden without thinking about how to effectively fill it with rainwater. We recommend installing the Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter. It’s an effective and affordable solution ensuring that you collect as much rainwater as possible, in the safest and most efficient way. It will also filter debris out of the rainwater preventing blockages from occurring in your water butt or tank.
What colour does Gutter Mate come in?

The Gutter Mate comes in three colours: Black, Brown and White. All can be fitted to round, square and rectangular downpipes.

Will Gutter Mate fit, round, square or rectangular downpipes?

Yes. The Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter can be fitted straight out of the box, to any building with a drainpipe system, providing the drainpipe is no greater than:

  • 80mm diameter for Round Downpipes
  • 75mm for square downpipes
  • 50mm x 76mm for rectangular downpipes

If you have a larger size downpipe you need to fit a reducer.(add product link)

Please note, if you have larger downpipe you should check the roof area where the downpipe is collecting from, because if this area is excessive the flow rate maybe too great for the Gutter Mate filter and Diverter.

If the downpipe is smaller than 65mm in diameter a reducer will need to be fitted to the outlet of the filter to connect to the bottom piece of downpipe. Buy this product.

*Please note, if the downpipes are bigger than 80mm, we may recommend a Vortex Filter.

What is included in the Gutter Mate box?
The Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter is ready for quick installation. All components are assembled by hand. In the Gutter Mate box you will find:
  • Filter Top
  • Filter Basket
  • Filter Base
  • Square to round adaptor
  • 500mm of Hose to connect the Gutter Mate to the Water Butt
  • Hose Adaptor
  • Blanking Caps
  • Screws and Fittings

Please note, the fine mesh insert is not included. If you require a higher degree of filtration please purchase this separately. (add link)

Why is the Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter different to standard diverters?

The Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter is unique. It offers a peace of mind solution to rainwater collection. Unlike standard diverters, the award winning Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter is a patented concept which works to prevent blockages in the diverter and protect your soakaway. It can be cleaned and maintained in seconds at ground level.

Click here to read more about the benefits of using the Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter.

How does the Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter work?

The award winning Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter is the only rainwater diverter that filters rainwater before it enters the water butt, tank, drain or soakaway. The filter basket catches all the debris washed down from the gutter and can be easily cleaned at ground level.

The GutterMate Diverter and Filter has two outlets. The diverter outlet is used to connect the diverter to your water butt or tank via a supported hose and the main outlet is where rainwater will automatically be diverted to once your storage systems is full of rainwater.

The GutterMate Diverter offers you a peace of mind solution to rainwater collection. Collect and recycle water from your downpipe. Save time, Save water, Save money!

As recommended by WHICH?

Read more about the benefits of installing a Gutter Mate Diverter.

Watch the installation video.

I’m looking to purchase a fine mesh insert and I noticed there are two versions available? How do I know which Gutter Mate I have?

The existing Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter (Gutter Mate 2), was introduced as an upgraded design several years ago, so the likely hood is, that if you have purchased your recently then it is the newest (Gutter Mate 2) version that you have.

There is one way to tell the difference between the Gutter Mate Original and the Gutter Mate 2. The Original Gutter Mate will have an elbow, which is connected to the diverter outlet on the bottom of the filter base. The diverter outlet is the smaller of the two outlets.

The Gutter Mate 2 doesn’t have an elbow, it has a straight hose outlet, pointing vertically down.

See the images below.

How do I install the Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter?
We have both an installation guide and installation video to assist you.
How can recycling rainwater reduce my water bill and save me money?

In the UK water usage is billed either by ‘actual usage’ using a water metre or calculated as a fixed price based on your home’s ‘rateable value’. Installing a water metre is the first important step in being able to effectively monitor and reduce your water usage and costs.

Using recycled rainwater for everyday tasks such as watering the garden, washing your car, mopping the floors, flushing toilets, for example, will reduce your usage and will therefore certainly reduce your water bill.

Click here – https://www.guttermate.co.uk/reducing-costs, to read more about reducing your water bill and saving money.

Do I need to treat the rainwater that has been collected in my water butt, tank or barrel?

Yes, we recommend using the Gutter Mate Rainwater Butt and Tank treatment. Where the cleaning of water butts or tanks is not easy or practical, GutterMate’s Water Treatment Solution is necessary to keep the rainwater fresh and ready for use. Using this solution will prevent algae, contamination & smells. This is an organic product and is safe for people & pets. (link to product)

What is the difference between a waterbutt, barrel or tank?

All three items offer different types of water storage for your garden, house or commercial property. Water barrels have multipurpose uses, as well as collecting water they can also be used as a bird bath or a water feature and are generally more decorative, a great choice for small gardens.

Water butts are perfect for storing rainwater and will work for all small to medium sized domestic gardens. Many of our water butts are space saving, making them an ideal choice if you have a small garden or limited space. Some space saving water butts can be mounted to an outside wall or the shape and size of the water butt will fit nicely into the corner of a garden, for example. All water butts have lids and taps, so you can easily access the water. Find out more about water butts and barrels.

Water tanks are normally used when high storage capacity is required, which means they are commonly used when installing rain water harvesting systems which require collection and distribution of high volumes of water. Potable and non-portable tanks are available. Potable tanks are used for………..(ask haydon cannot read )

Non-potable are used for the collection of rainwater. You can choose from either underground or aboveground tanks depending on how much free area you are prepared to allocate for the above ground tank. Normally above ground tanks offer the best value for money. Find out more.

Do I need to purchase a pump for my water butt or tank?

You will only need a pump if you wish to pump the water out of the storage or if you need to distribute the water to a destination which is above the waterbutt or tank. For example, to an upstairs bathroom.

If you want to connect a garden hose to water your garden or wash your car, you will need a pump. A pump can either be placed inside or outside of the water butt or tank.

Find out more about the different types of water pumps we sell and their uses.

What is the best way to filter the rainwater that is collected in my waterbutt?

The Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter is an efficient way to divert and filter water from your downpipe before it enters your water butt or tank. The Gutter Mate diverter and filter is a great way to apply the first phase of filtering to rainwater. You can purchase the fine mesh insert if you require a finer degree of filtration. For example, this may be required if you are using a pressure washer to wash the car.

The level of filtration that is required depends on what purpose you are using the rainwater for. For example, for domestic appliances, dishwashers, washing machines, recycling rain water for drinking for example, you will need to both filter the water and apply final polishing of the watering. Read more about filtering rain water.

Can I recycle rainwater for drinking?

Yes, a simple on-demand method is by using the Water-To-Go Bottle which will filter rainwater (as well as water from many other sources), making it safe to drink. Water-To-Go is an environmentally friendly product that will help not only to reduce plastic waste, but saves money too.

If you have or wish to install a full rain water harvesting system, special UV filters can be purchased which will apply the final phase of water polishing making it safe for drinking and bathing.

Read more on rainwater harvesting here.

What’s the best way to keep my gutter clean?
Using a combination of the Guttermate Diverter & Filter and the Hedgehog Brush is the best protection and solution to keep your gutters clean. Please see https://www.guttermate.co.uk/gutterguards-and-protection
Do you offer bespoke/expert advice on Rainwater Harvesting/Recycling?
Yes, we have experienced rainwater recycling people who can assist you. Find out more. (Link to consultancy page).
We would like to install a rainwater harvesting system on a new build property, what type of system is suitable and do you offer advice?

As a first port-of-call please refer to the different Rainwater Harvesting Systems & Packages which are available to purchase on the website.

You may also find our Rainwater Harvesting Guide useful.

If you require a bespoke system or further advice please do contact us and our rainwater harvesting experts can assist you.

What types of water features can be created using the Finia Water Reservoirs?

There are many water features, you can create with our water reservoirs moulds. The Finia moulds are incredibly versatile and strong. They can be used as a foundation to build many types of basic and complex water features. Read more. (lead to finia blog when we have it).

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Are there other ways to pay, other than online?
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What are the delivery charges? Update with new system

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I received my order but items are damaged? What do I do?
The best thing to do is to contact our helpdesk number 0800 035 2286 and speak to one of customer service team members who are best to advise.
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I’m unhappy with the order I received? How do I get a refund?

If you are unhappy with your order you are entitled to a full refund if you return the items, unused and in the original packaging within 14 days of purchase.

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