The Gutter Mate Team


The Gutter Mate Team are all passionate about saving you water and money. We are here to assist you in choosing the right rainwater harvesting system for your needs.

Contact the Gutter Mate team on: 01462 429 758 or drop us an email:

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Haydon Robinson


Fav Fact: Enough rainwater falls in the UK to more than meet the needs of everyone. If the world was recycling what falls from the sky we’d be in a great position.

Haydon Robinson is the founder of Gutter Mate and heralded inventor of our best-selling Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter. He leads our expert rainwater harvesting team, with much of his time being spent consulting on rainwater recycling systems for commercial and domestic properties.

Mark Robinson


Fav Fact: Water expands as it cools from 4 °C to 0 °C (above 4 °C it does the opposite). That’s why water can sometimes burst pipes when it freezes.

Mark is one of the Directors of Gutter Mate Ltd and has joint responsibility for the strategic direction of the company. Mark is also responsible for finding new and innovative products that can help our customers collect and reuse their rainwater. 

Jocelyn Ligas

Customer Services Advisor

Fav Fact: 30% of treated mains water is used to flush toilets. Think about how much water we could be saving through rainwater harvesting!

Jocelyn is Gutter Mate’s queen of customer services making sure that our customers have a happy and fulfilling shopping experience. She processes all of our orders and customer emails as well as being the first point of call for Gutter Mate distributors.


Gina Caruso


Fav Fact / Tip: Research has shown that sprinkling coffee grounds in the garden helps to deter snails and slugs.

Gina is the first person you’ll speak to when contacting Gutter Mate by phone. She is our office wonder-woman ready help you when you call.