Terracottage Wallmounted 160 Litre Waterbutt

Terracottage Wallmounted 160 Litre Waterbutt

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Terracottage Wallmounted 160 Litre Waterbutt

A great space saving water butt. Now comes with 3 outlets and complete with Lid and Tap. Add the Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter to collect rainwater.

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The new Terracottage 160L Water Butt has been modifed to provide the ultimate performance for any keen gardener.

There are now 3 outlet connections at the bottom of the water butt. The connection at the front as the original and now a connection at either side, allowing linking of water butts or alternative positions for the tap.

It is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic making it a very eco friendly product. This waterbutt is only available in Black.

Instead of fitting over the downpipe this water butt connects using a connection kit such as the Gutter Mate Rainwater Diverter and Filter allowing you to site your waterbutt adjacent to the the pipe - great if your downpipe is around a corner.

This water butt includes a Child Safety Lid, Easy Twist Tap and Mounting Wall Plugs and Bracket with the option to add a Gutter Mate in a choice of three colours.

If you have decided on the Terracottage water butt. The must have accessory for it is the Gutter Mate Filter and Diverter. Standard diverters will not do you any favours if fitted to the Terracottage waterbutt. The Standard diverter is prone to blocking and allowing debris into the water butt which may mean you have to remove the butt from the wall to clean out debris. If the Standard diverter blocks, the downpipe needs to be removed to allow you to clean it. Fitting the Gutter Mate filter, filters all the water going into the water butt and cleaning the Gutter Mate Filter is a 30 second job and there is no downpipe to remove when cleaning the filter.

For a guide on how to install your Wall Mounted Water Butt - click here.

You are able to purchase replacement items i.e. Taps, Wall Brackets and Lid(s) for this Terracottage Wallmounted Waterbutt. Simply click on the linked text or go to Gutter Mate Parts on the navigation menu.

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Technical Spec
  • Comes with lid and tap.
  • Wall mounted so no stand is needed
Wallmounted Waterbutt Dimensions:
  • Capacity: 160 Litre
  • Height: 122 cm
  • Width: 45 cm
  • Depth: 30 cm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Please note the customer is responsible for determining, if the wall on which the water butt is to be mounted is of adequate strength. As suppliers we take no responsibility for this determination.
  • For a guide on how to install your Wall Mounted Water Butt - click the waterbutt instructions button above

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