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The Versatility of the Gutter Mate Filter and Diverter

Customer Review

When building our completely off-grid house, we were reliant upon collecting rainwater which is stored in a very large, underground tank. This is then pumped into the house, on-demand, after first going through a water treatment plant.

Our main concern, given the abundance of trees on our land, was to ensure that the underground tank didn’t get clogged with leaves and debris coming down the gutters and fall pipes.  Whilst there are devices that can be put into the gutters themselves, these can’t stop everything. (Also cleaning gutters involves steps or ladders, which can be dangerous.  The cleaning of the Gutter Mate is done with your feet firmly on the ground).

Searching for a solution on the internet, I came across Gutter Mate and purchased seven (7) sets, one for each fall pipe on our house and outbuildings.  They have worked like a dream, stopping large amounts of debris from polluting our underground tank.  One of the main advantages is that they are so very easy to clean.

Simon was able to position the Gutter Mate almost at ground level which enabled him to just look down into the filter to inspect for debris.  Cleaning was a 30 second job.  Because of the design of the Gutter Mate, the diverter outlet was capped off with the blanking cap provided and the main outlet from the filter was used taking all the flow from the downpipe.

The use of the GutterMate Filters has eliminated the need for the filter in the underground tank and the associated issues with cleaning such a filter.  With the GutterMate Filter anyone can inspect and clean the filter, this is not the case with in tank or underground filters.

This is a very good product and the support from the Company has been first class.

By Simon Cutting, Guttermate Customer

Richmond Park Rainwater Harvesting System and Installation

In May 2015 Gutter Mate installed a  rainwater harvesting system at The Royal Richmond Park in London. The park is a national nature reserve. The Richmond Park Rainwater Harvesting System and Installation was part of the park’s Nature Trail Project in which ponds are located.  At the Royal Richmond Park installation we provided:

  • A bespoke rainwater harvesting installation
  • Expert advice & professional attention
  • A system to suit the park’s space and requirements
  • Competitive pricing

Gutter Mate Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Installations have a proven record. Contact us today to find our more about how we can assist you. Working with Gutter Mate means that your project will receive the highest level of expert advice and professional attention, matched with the best equipment at competitive pricing. Find out more.

The Gutter Mate Installation at Richmond Park

For Gutter Mate, every rainwater harvesting system should start with the Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter, which applies the first phase of filtration to rainwater diverted from the drainpipe, whilst also acting as a major asset in protecting soakaways in all properties.

Haydon Robinson and the GutterMate Diverterr
Haydon Robinson installing a Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter

In May 2015 Gutter Mate installed a  rainwater harvesting system at The Royal Richmond Park in London. The park is a national nature reserve. The installation was part of the park’s Nature Trail Project in which ponds are located. In dry months the ponds lost too much water, so Gutter Mate installed a simple and effective rainwater harvesting system which pumps collected rainwater in to the ponds when needed. The pump used was a multi-stage submersible pump.

Rainwater Harvesting at Richmond Park Ponds

A 10,000 litre storage system is used to collect rainwater using a Vortex rainwater collection filter. As can be seen from the photographs, debris issues were a major concern from leaves and moss on the barn roof. The filter has solved that issue. This system or similar, is an ideal solution for farm buildings, providing drinking water and wash-down water for livestock. 
Richmond Park Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
Gutter Mate can advise you on installing the best rainwater harvesting system for your property or project. Contact Gutter Mate today.