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Top Tips for Using Rainwater Domestically & Commercially

Did you know that rainwater can be used (instead of mains water) for a huge number of activities and tasks domestically and commercially (inside and outside).

As an alternative water source, rainwater recycling can help reduce typical household water usage by up to 70%. Utility bill reductions can make a real difference to your household expenses too.

However, rainwater should not be used as a replacement for drinking water, especially in heavily populated areas where soot, grime and commercial debris can settle.

Rainwater can be used throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter for a multitude of tasks:

  • In spring: great for pressure washing your patio or yard in preparation for the summer and for seed germination too
  • In summer: excellent for when hosepipe bans may come into force, the selection of storage will be controlled by cost and space available. Water butts are fine, but limited in the amount of water they can store or use of larger tanks, which can be either above or below ground.
  • In autumn: when you are spending more time indoors, using rainwater in your home for flushing toilets or washing machine utilises a larger proportion of your stored rain water. This is the time of year when the Gutter Mate rainwater diverter is most useful. The leaves and moss, which would collect in the guttering, can be safely washed down into the Gutter Mate diverter, which would be situated at a convenient height for maintenance. No need for ladders to clean guttering.
  • In winter: perfect for washing off salt, grit and grime from your car during one of the dirtiest seasons of the year

Accompanying tanks and water butts are available in variety of sizes, so make sure you choose your rainwater harvesting system capacity wisely. Larger rainwater tanks are more beneficial as you can store higher quantities of water during the wet seasons for use during dry periods.

For larger-capacity requirements and where space is limited, consider using two smaller tanks instead of one.

Ideal for homes, rental properties (not flats), bungalows and town houses, rainwater is the perfect mains-water replacement for the applications listed below. So how can rainwater be utilised domestically?

Using rainwater inside your home or property

  • Clothes washing & laundry – connect your washing machine to your tank
  • Toilet flushing – gain mains water usage savings
  • Children’s fun water activities
  • Watering houseplants
  • Pets drinking water

Using rainwater outside your home or property

For washing:

  • Car and vehicle washing
  • Pressure washing and cleaning
  • Patio and yard washing
  • Pet washing

For watering:

  • Gardens / Allotments
  • Sprinkler systems for lawns and borders
  • Irrigation systems – gravity & pump
  • Pond top up & circulation
  • Ornamental water supply

For recreation:

  • Swimming pools
  • Paddling pools
  • Water slides
  • Children’s fun water fights

For building work:

  • Construction activities
  • Concrete mixing
  • Site Toilets

Using rainwater for commercial or public service applications

Ideal for horticultural setups, rainwater can also be used inside and outside the following establishments to save on current (costly) mains-water utility bills:

  • Plant nurseries
  • Commercial growers
  • Garden Centres
  • Sports ground irrigation (golf, cricket, football and recreational)
  • Commercial offices incl factories and communal buildings
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Process Water / Cooling Water / Wash Down Water – for process or production plants

Benefit from using rainwater throughout your home or commercial property? Find out why our award-winning rainwater diverters are your best option or contact us now to discuss your ideas and requirements for complete rain water systems or individual items for use with rain water.