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4 Simple Steps to Rainwater Recycling

In our latest blog you can learn how to recycle rainwater for you garden. As we all strive to make our lives more sustainable, rainwater recycling is one way in which you can reduce your environmental impact and save money at the same time.

Rainwater Harvesting or Rainwater Recycling as it’s commonly known, quite simply means the process by which rain water is collected and prepared for reuse. Rainwater Harvesting for your garden can be broken down into 4 steps, Rainwater Collection, Rainwater Storage, Rainwater Treatment and Rainwater Distribution. 

4 Simple Steps to Rainwater Recycling


Install the Gutter Mate Divert & Filter

Every rainwater harvesting system should start with the Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter, which applies the first phase of filtration to rainwater diverted from the downpipe. A mesh insert can also be purchased for further filtration. 50cm hose provided with purchase. 


 4 Simple Steps to Rainwater Recycling

Choose Your Waterbutt

We sell a wide range of waterbutts ranging from 100L up to 250L capacity. There are also plenty of different styles to choose from depending on your personal taste, garden size and shape. Slimline or wallmounted waterbutts are great for small gardens. Waterbutt prices start from £45.  If you want to collect more rainwater we also sell tanks.


4 steps to rainwater recycling

Waterbutt Treatment

Gutter Mate’s Water Treatment Solution ensures the rainwater collected in your waterbutt or tank is fresh and ready for use. It prevents algae, contamination & smells. One bottle of treatment costs just £9.99 and it will also help to prevent your hose from discolouring.


 4 Simple Steps to Rainwater Recycling

Pump it!

If you’re happy using a good old fashioned watering can then you can skip this part, but if you’d rather connect a hosepipe and use the spray gun, then a water pump is required. The type of waterbutt pump you require will depend on the length of your hose/size of your garden.


The Versatility of the Gutter Mate Filter and Diverter

Customer Review

When building our completely off-grid house, we were reliant upon collecting rainwater which is stored in a very large, underground tank. This is then pumped into the house, on-demand, after first going through a water treatment plant.

Our main concern, given the abundance of trees on our land, was to ensure that the underground tank didn’t get clogged with leaves and debris coming down the gutters and fall pipes.  Whilst there are devices that can be put into the gutters themselves, these can’t stop everything. (Also cleaning gutters involves steps or ladders, which can be dangerous.  The cleaning of the Gutter Mate is done with your feet firmly on the ground).

Searching for a solution on the internet, I came across Gutter Mate and purchased seven (7) sets, one for each fall pipe on our house and outbuildings.  They have worked like a dream, stopping large amounts of debris from polluting our underground tank.  One of the main advantages is that they are so very easy to clean.

Simon was able to position the Gutter Mate almost at ground level which enabled him to just look down into the filter to inspect for debris.  Cleaning was a 30 second job.  Because of the design of the Gutter Mate, the diverter outlet was capped off with the blanking cap provided and the main outlet from the filter was used taking all the flow from the downpipe.

The use of the GutterMate Filters has eliminated the need for the filter in the underground tank and the associated issues with cleaning such a filter.  With the GutterMate Filter anyone can inspect and clean the filter, this is not the case with in tank or underground filters.

This is a very good product and the support from the Company has been first class.

By Simon Cutting, Guttermate Customer

Richmond Park Rainwater Harvesting System and Installation

In May 2015 Gutter Mate installed a  rainwater harvesting system at The Royal Richmond Park in London. The park is a national nature reserve. The Richmond Park Rainwater Harvesting System and Installation was part of the park’s Nature Trail Project in which ponds are located.  At the Royal Richmond Park installation we provided:

  • A bespoke rainwater harvesting installation
  • Expert advice & professional attention
  • A system to suit the park’s space and requirements
  • Competitive pricing

Gutter Mate Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Installations have a proven record. Contact us today to find our more about how we can assist you. Working with Gutter Mate means that your project will receive the highest level of expert advice and professional attention, matched with the best equipment at competitive pricing. Find out more.

The Gutter Mate Installation at Richmond Park

For Gutter Mate, every rainwater harvesting system should start with the Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter, which applies the first phase of filtration to rainwater diverted from the drainpipe, whilst also acting as a major asset in protecting soakaways in all properties.

Haydon Robinson and the GutterMate Diverterr
Haydon Robinson installing a Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter

In May 2015 Gutter Mate installed a  rainwater harvesting system at The Royal Richmond Park in London. The park is a national nature reserve. The installation was part of the park’s Nature Trail Project in which ponds are located. In dry months the ponds lost too much water, so Gutter Mate installed a simple and effective rainwater harvesting system which pumps collected rainwater in to the ponds when needed. The pump used was a multi-stage submersible pump.

Rainwater Harvesting at Richmond Park Ponds

A 10,000 litre storage system is used to collect rainwater using a Vortex rainwater collection filter. As can be seen from the photographs, debris issues were a major concern from leaves and moss on the barn roof. The filter has solved that issue. This system or similar, is an ideal solution for farm buildings, providing drinking water and wash-down water for livestock. 
Richmond Park Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
Gutter Mate can advise you on installing the best rainwater harvesting system for your property or project. Contact Gutter Mate today.

Top Tips for Using Rainwater Domestically & Commercially

Did you know that rainwater can be used (instead of mains water) for a huge number of activities and tasks domestically and commercially (inside and outside).

As an alternative water source, rainwater recycling can help reduce typical household water usage by up to 70%. Utility bill reductions can make a real difference to your household expenses too.

However, rainwater should not be used as a replacement for drinking water, especially in heavily populated areas where soot, grime and commercial debris can settle.

Rainwater can be used throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter for a multitude of tasks:

  • In spring: great for pressure washing your patio or yard in preparation for the summer and for seed germination too
  • In summer: excellent for when hosepipe bans may come into force, the selection of storage will be controlled by cost and space available. Water butts are fine, but limited in the amount of water they can store or use of larger tanks, which can be either above or below ground.
  • In autumn: when you are spending more time indoors, using rainwater in your home for flushing toilets or washing machine utilises a larger proportion of your stored rain water. This is the time of year when the Gutter Mate rainwater diverter is most useful. The leaves and moss, which would collect in the guttering, can be safely washed down into the Gutter Mate diverter, which would be situated at a convenient height for maintenance. No need for ladders to clean guttering.
  • In winter: perfect for washing off salt, grit and grime from your car during one of the dirtiest seasons of the year

Accompanying tanks and water butts are available in variety of sizes, so make sure you choose your rainwater harvesting system capacity wisely. Larger rainwater tanks are more beneficial as you can store higher quantities of water during the wet seasons for use during dry periods.

For larger-capacity requirements and where space is limited, consider using two smaller tanks instead of one.

Ideal for homes, rental properties (not flats), bungalows and town houses, rainwater is the perfect mains-water replacement for the applications listed below. So how can rainwater be utilised domestically?

Using rainwater inside your home or property

  • Clothes washing & laundry – connect your washing machine to your tank
  • Toilet flushing – gain mains water usage savings
  • Children’s fun water activities
  • Watering houseplants
  • Pets drinking water

Using rainwater outside your home or property

For washing:

  • Car and vehicle washing
  • Pressure washing and cleaning
  • Patio and yard washing
  • Pet washing

For watering:

  • Gardens / Allotments
  • Sprinkler systems for lawns and borders
  • Irrigation systems – gravity & pump
  • Pond top up & circulation
  • Ornamental water supply

For recreation:

  • Swimming pools
  • Paddling pools
  • Water slides
  • Children’s fun water fights

For building work:

  • Construction activities
  • Concrete mixing
  • Site Toilets

Using rainwater for commercial or public service applications

Ideal for horticultural setups, rainwater can also be used inside and outside the following establishments to save on current (costly) mains-water utility bills:

  • Plant nurseries
  • Commercial growers
  • Garden Centres
  • Sports ground irrigation (golf, cricket, football and recreational)
  • Commercial offices incl factories and communal buildings
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Process Water / Cooling Water / Wash Down Water – for process or production plants

Benefit from using rainwater throughout your home or commercial property? Find out why our award-winning rainwater diverters are your best option or contact us now to discuss your ideas and requirements for complete rain water systems or individual items for use with rain water.

Gutter Mate Wins Best Recycling Project at Herts Green Awards

Gutter Mate, the UK’s No1 rainwater diverter system has won the Best Recycling Project at the Herts Green Awards 2011.

Despite being in a very competitive category, the Hitchin based business was announced as the winner at a special awards ceremony held at Knebworth Barns last Tuesday, 25th October. It was also a finalist for the Green Innovation prize.

“We are absolutely delighted” said Mark Robinson of Gutter Mate who collected the award. “We’re tremendously proud that our hard work has been recognised in this way.”

Haydon Robinson, Gutter Mate’s inventor, recognised the growing need for an affordable, practical answer to harvesting  and recycling rainwater. He also wanted to avoid using ladders to keep his own gutters clear. This gave him the idea of Gutter Mate.

Gutter Mate filters all the rain water flowing down the downpipe, protecting your drains and soakaways from debris. This is truly unique to Gutter Mate. It automatically diverts rainwater and when your water butt is full there is an automatic overflow mechanism, helping to maximise rainwater collection effortlessly . Gutter Mate’s filter is approved by the Water Technology List.

“It is such a simple yet clever idea,” adds Mark. “The filtered water can be used for jobs such as washing the car or watering the garden – it helps the environment and your water bills.”

Haydon unfortunately missed the ceremony. “We’re working hard on developing new products at the moment. I’m sure we’ll have a break to celebrate as soon as he’s back!” said Mark.