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With Black Friday set to be the UK’s biggest ever online spending day, Gutter Mate is ready to WOW you with a handpicked selection of best selling products at the BEST prices ever.

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Win tickets to Country Living Christmas Fair

This is your chance to see Country Living Magazine come to life. Christmas is coming and we want this year to be the best Christmas ever.

We have 1 pair of tickets to give away for each of the Country Living Christmas Fairs which are being held in London, Harrogate and Glasgow. If you want to create the perfect Christmas then the Country Living Christmas Fair is a great place to start. At each event you’ll find an abundance of festive shopping and gift ideas, festive treats, inspirations and demonstrations, all geared towards making that Christmas dream a reality.

Visit the Country Living Christmas Fairs in any of the locations below.

  • London Nov 11-15 CLOSED
  • Glasgow Nov 19-22CLOSED
  • Harrogate Dec 3-6 – CLOSED

To Enter

To win a pair of tickets to this year’s Country Living Christmas Fair, simply email your name along with the location of the Christmas Fair you’d like to visit.

Send your email to with the subject “Xmas Winner.”

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The Four Seasons of Rainwater Collection

Ideas & Tips for Re-using Rainwater in Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring

Rainwater in the summer

What’s next for this summer?

If you run out of water during a dry spell, it’s the ideal time to inspect and clean your water butt or tank. It’s also the time when you should consider how you use your rainwater harvesting system and ideas you may have for modifying it.

Modifying your system at a time when your tank is empty saves you loosing water if you have to drain down later.

If you have sludge or silt at the bottom of the tank, has it started to smell since the water has gone or did it smell with the water in it? If so, you should consider the Plan T water treatment.

If you don’t already have a Gutter Mate Rainwater Filter now’s the time to get one. If you want the best quality filtration, also purchase the Fine Mesh Insert accessory.

Rainwater in the autumn

Throughout autumn, leaves and moss will invade your guttering and water butt, if protection is not in place.
The most efficient and cost effective solution is to fit the Gutter Mate Filter, which will provide three benefits:

  • The Gutter Mate will eliminate the need to climb ladders or steps to clean gutters
  • The Gutter Mate will filter all the water going to your water butt or tank
  • The Gutter Mate will protect your soakaway from silting up

As rainfall increases and the growing season comes to an end, you can use the excess rainwater for a variety of tasks, such as washing the car or feeding your house plants.

Autumn and winter months are the dirtiest for cars, especially if the Highways Departments are salting the roads – so you’ll need to wash off the salt as quickly as possible to avoid corrosion or damage to wheel arches and the underside of the car, as they’re the most vulnerable.

A high pressure car wash should do the trick.

Rainwater in the winter

Batten down the hatches – what will you do with the excess rainwater water?

Don’t waste it by putting it into the drains!  This not only creates additional costs for the water companies, but in extreme rain conditions can cause the sewage treatment works to overload, therefore forcing the water company to allow raw sewage into the nearest river.

The solution is to put the excess water back into the ground, either by means of a soakaway or a system of irrigation pipes laid on the surface of the ground around your garden. The advantage of irrigation is that it disperses the water over the full area of your garden. When spring arrives, the soil will be well watered for your plants to get a good start for the growing season.

If necessary, excess water can also provide the opportunity to empty your water butts and tanks for cleaning, although the lack of water butt or tank use will have them quickly filling up again.

Rainwater in the spring

If you start your growing season early with seed planting or bringing on plants under cover, the demand for water starts as soon as the seeds germinate.

Make sure there are no leaks on your butts and tanks and that your watering equipment is serviced and in good condition for the spring and summer.

If in the past you’ve been watering by hand it may be the time to consider automating your watering. Gutter Mate provide a  solar irrigation kit, that will ensure your plants will not dry out if and when you go on holiday.

It might be a good idea to use the rainwater in your pressure washer to clean the patio (and other yard areas) in preparation for the summer.

If you have a pond, it may need refilling to freshen up the plants and fish. Excess rain water can also be channelled into your pond to keep the water fresh on a daily basis too.

Re-using rainwater throughout the year

If you have any questions about re-using rainwater during the four seasons, please contact us

Gutter Mate Exhibiting at BBC Gardeners World Live 2013

Gutter Mate will be at BBC Gardeners World Live – NEC Birmingham, June 12th to 16th 2013.

We will be exhibiting the Rainwater Diverter and Filter as well as our range of waterbutts, water tanks and pumps, along with some of our great new products such as the RainBowl – great for collecting water in allotments or gardens with no direct water supply or available guttering.

We will also be displaying our selection of water pumps and tanks and there to advise on complete rainwater harvesting systems. One of our most popular pumps is the GM801 great when your rain water harvesting tank has limited access and installing a submersible pump is not a practical solution. The pump can work at 4 bar pressure – ideal for watering the garden and light pressure washing jobs.

This will be our 4th year at BBC Gardeners World Live and we really enjoy it – its a fantastic show, a great day out with lots going on. This year some of the features at Gardeners World are:

Show Gardens – A central focus of the show, these gardens reflect current trends and design ideas covering a diverse range of themes.

RHS Plant Village – can be found in the outdoor area of the Show where you can explore even more nurseries and plant growers.

Edible Patches – demonstrate how you can make a small area of your garden an edible heaven

BBC Gardeners World Live 2012 – Gutter Mate Exhibiting

We have just had a fantastic few days exhibiting at the BBC Gardeners World Live and although busy on our stand discussing rainwater harvesting, selling Gutter Mates and demonstrating the new Ecoseat that we are now selling as a stylish alternative to a water butt managed to take a look round.

Combined with the BBC Good Food Show the mix of food and gardening made a perfect day out especially for families – showing where food comes from and how its grown.

Top Tips for Using Rainwater Domestically & Commercially

Did you know that rainwater can be used (instead of mains water) for a huge number of activities and tasks domestically and commercially (inside and outside).

As an alternative water source, rainwater recycling can help reduce typical household water usage by up to 70%. Utility bill reductions can make a real difference to your household expenses too.

However, rainwater should not be used as a replacement for drinking water, especially in heavily populated areas where soot, grime and commercial debris can settle.

Rainwater can be used throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter for a multitude of tasks:

  • In spring: great for pressure washing your patio or yard in preparation for the summer and for seed germination too
  • In summer: excellent for when hosepipe bans may come into force, the selection of storage will be controlled by cost and space available. Water butts are fine, but limited in the amount of water they can store or use of larger tanks, which can be either above or below ground.
  • In autumn: when you are spending more time indoors, using rainwater in your home for flushing toilets or washing machine utilises a larger proportion of your stored rain water. This is the time of year when the Gutter Mate rainwater diverter is most useful. The leaves and moss, which would collect in the guttering, can be safely washed down into the Gutter Mate diverter, which would be situated at a convenient height for maintenance. No need for ladders to clean guttering.
  • In winter: perfect for washing off salt, grit and grime from your car during one of the dirtiest seasons of the year

Accompanying tanks and water butts are available in variety of sizes, so make sure you choose your rainwater harvesting system capacity wisely. Larger rainwater tanks are more beneficial as you can store higher quantities of water during the wet seasons for use during dry periods.

For larger-capacity requirements and where space is limited, consider using two smaller tanks instead of one.

Ideal for homes, rental properties (not flats), bungalows and town houses, rainwater is the perfect mains-water replacement for the applications listed below. So how can rainwater be utilised domestically?

Using rainwater inside your home or property

  • Clothes washing & laundry – connect your washing machine to your tank
  • Toilet flushing – gain mains water usage savings
  • Children’s fun water activities
  • Watering houseplants
  • Pets drinking water

Using rainwater outside your home or property

For washing:

  • Car and vehicle washing
  • Pressure washing and cleaning
  • Patio and yard washing
  • Pet washing

For watering:

  • Gardens / Allotments
  • Sprinkler systems for lawns and borders
  • Irrigation systems – gravity & pump
  • Pond top up & circulation
  • Ornamental water supply

For recreation:

  • Swimming pools
  • Paddling pools
  • Water slides
  • Children’s fun water fights

For building work:

  • Construction activities
  • Concrete mixing
  • Site Toilets

Using rainwater for commercial or public service applications

Ideal for horticultural setups, rainwater can also be used inside and outside the following establishments to save on current (costly) mains-water utility bills:

  • Plant nurseries
  • Commercial growers
  • Garden Centres
  • Sports ground irrigation (golf, cricket, football and recreational)
  • Commercial offices incl factories and communal buildings
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Process Water / Cooling Water / Wash Down Water – for process or production plants

Benefit from using rainwater throughout your home or commercial property? Find out why our award-winning rainwater diverters are your best option or contact us now to discuss your ideas and requirements for complete rain water systems or individual items for use with rain water.

Gutter Mate win the Green Apple Environment Award

Gutter Mate won a Green Apple Environment Award in the national campaign to find Britain’s greenest companies, councils and communities.

The family business offers a range of rainwater recycling products, including the Gutter Mate rainwater diverter which director Haydon Robinson invented. GutterMate was entered to the prestigious Green Apple Awards after winning ‘Best Recycle Project’ at last year’s Hertfordshire Green Awards.

They competed against more than 500 other nominations and will be presented with their Green Apple Award at a glittering presentation ceremony in the House of Commons on November 12. Gutter Mate director Mark Robinson will be attending. “We are delighted to have won this award and are looking forward to the presentation evening.”

As a result of this success they have been invited to have their winning paper published in The Green Book, the leading international work of reference on environmental best practice, so that others around the world can follow their example and learn from their experience.

Gutter Mate will also be considered to represent their country in the European Business Awards for the Environment.

The Green Apple Awards began in 1994 and have become established as the country’s major recognition for environmental endeavour among companies, councils, communities and countries.

Judges for the Green Apple Awards are drawn from the Environment Agency, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the Chartered Institution for Wastes Management and other independent bodies.

Gutter Mate Wins Best Recycling Project at Herts Green Awards

Gutter Mate, the UK’s No1 rainwater diverter system has won the Best Recycling Project at the Herts Green Awards 2011.

Despite being in a very competitive category, the Hitchin based business was announced as the winner at a special awards ceremony held at Knebworth Barns last Tuesday, 25th October. It was also a finalist for the Green Innovation prize.

“We are absolutely delighted” said Mark Robinson of Gutter Mate who collected the award. “We’re tremendously proud that our hard work has been recognised in this way.”

Haydon Robinson, Gutter Mate’s inventor, recognised the growing need for an affordable, practical answer to harvesting  and recycling rainwater. He also wanted to avoid using ladders to keep his own gutters clear. This gave him the idea of Gutter Mate.

Gutter Mate filters all the rain water flowing down the downpipe, protecting your drains and soakaways from debris. This is truly unique to Gutter Mate. It automatically diverts rainwater and when your water butt is full there is an automatic overflow mechanism, helping to maximise rainwater collection effortlessly . Gutter Mate’s filter is approved by the Water Technology List.

“It is such a simple yet clever idea,” adds Mark. “The filtered water can be used for jobs such as washing the car or watering the garden – it helps the environment and your water bills.”

Haydon unfortunately missed the ceremony. “We’re working hard on developing new products at the moment. I’m sure we’ll have a break to celebrate as soon as he’s back!” said Mark.

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